Hand Andy 3D Cover


A small town handyman is shocked when he’s asked by aliens to repair their damaged spacecraft. After fixing the wondrous ship, Andy Robinson learns their mission to the planet actually entails the total destruction of the Earth. You know, to keep the peace. Oh, and the alien captain kidnaps his family to display in their zoo. With time running out, Andy must use his limited handyman talents to not only save his family, but the entire world.

Altbacker does an excellent job of creating a distinctive and convincing alien culture, which leads to an interesting cultural clash and humorous miscommunications between the humans and aliens. He is a seasoned screenwriter, which is apparent from the book’s hilarious dialogue and word-play. Handy Andy Saves the World makes for an enjoyable read, especially for
YA readers. Red City Review

Handy Andy Saves The World is an exciting read for
teenagers and children. Four and a half stars. IndieReade

Handy Andy Saves the World is classic EJ Altbacker– an addictive mix of humor, adventure, and science-fiction that will delight and inspire young readers (not to mention imparting invaluable plumbing tips). If you like Scary School, Shark Wars, and Star Wars, Handy Andy will undoubtedly blast you to a new galaxy of fun! Derek Kent, author of Scary School